What? That’s not what you do. Well, you’re not supposed to do it. But people do it anyway. Either way, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to take your drab exterior of the house and give it a fab new look. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few easy places to start.

Shake Up Those Shutters!

Shutters are like the blinker and wiper controls on a wheel. Useful accessories, but nobody ever uses them. They’re also a SUPER easy way to update the exterior of your home. They can be added, taken away, replaced, or painted to spruce up the face value of your home. Changing the style transitions from modern to classic. A shift in color can add the perfect amount of Pop. Most homes have a neutral exterior; beige, gray, blue, white – something that doesn’t say “Look At Me” and won’t go out of style any time soon. Or you can remove them completely to give your home a minimalist look. Though, you may have to repaint the whole exterior as the shutters have protected the paint from sunlight and weather over the years. They will leave a bright shadow.

Change The Paint

You could change the whole color of your house. It would most definitely require professional help (especially if you have more than one story), but it’s worth it. You can always do a high-power wash of your house before making the decision to change the color as it has likely faded over the years from the sun and is currently covered up with layers of dirt. But should that spit shine fail to wow you, head to your nearest pain aisle.

Switch Up Your Siding

If you’ve really got the budget for a high-quality facelift, you can change the exterior covering of your house from siding to brick, or brick to stucco, vinyl to wood siding, or even a smooth, sleek concrete finish. These jobs will all require professional help (again, especially if you have more than one story to your house) but can completely change the game your house is bringing. While you’re exploring your options, consider the type of climate where you live and choose something that can help reduce the amount of energy you use to heat and cool your home. The siding of a home protects the insulation. The color of your siding can also affect this by being more or less reflective. Vinyl siding is cheaper and easier to install, but Stucco is the real winner in the case for saving energy and money. The money saved in your energy bills from switching to Stucco may not pay for itself, but it will definitely affect your average monthly expenses. If you do decide to make a change for energy efficiency stay away from fiber cement, stone, or aluminum siding.

The Roof The Roof The Roof Is On Fire

I hope not. But you can also update your roof to give your home a little oomph. It may be time to change your roof. Depending on the type of roof you have and the age of your house, you’ll typically get anywhere from 20 to 50 years out of a good roof. You can change the materials and color of your roof to make your house stand out from the crowd. You can also take this time to look at Solar installation and start saving money and using energy wisely. Another job best left to the professionals, it can be tackled by yourself if you’re going with a cheaper, easier installation option. But to ensure your roof has a warranty, let the pros take over.

Lastly, Landscaping

For an easier project, and much more in the DIY vein, changing up the landscape of your front or backyard will definitely give your house a cozy, new feel. You can keep it as simple as changing the plants in your garden, switching to artificial turf, or you can really shake things up and go for a drought-proof lawn; and that option isn’t just limited to rocks and succulents. Yes, succulents make up a big part of the water-conscious garden movement, but there are tons of low-maintenance plants like lavender, thyme, and sweet potato vine that provide color and good ground cover so you don’t just have to lay a bunch of pete rocks. Recycled/rainwater structures are also drought-proof approved garden additions, as are statues, benches, chimineas, the list goes on. You can save water and have a banging front yard.

When considering a home update, the exterior maybe isn’t the first thing that springs to mind (after all, you spend more time inside than out, especially in the winter). But if you’re looking for a little more fun and some savings in the long run, updating the exterior of your home is a very viable place to start.

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